Arduino Amiga Floppy Disk Reader/Writer aka DrawBridge

Open Source and Free! - by Robert Smith

Windows Binaries/EXEs

You can download the portable Windows software below. Take a look at What's New/Fixed in this version and to download older versions.

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If you are using HD floppy disks in any way, please read this.

Note: The Window application contains an automatic-update checker.
This is 100% anonymous, I'll never even know. Check the code if you don't believe me!

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To Download, Click: I Agree to the Above Licence Agreement V2.8.7, Firmware 1.9.24 - (2.35MB, 1 March 2022)

Source Code

This project is available under the GNU General Public Licence V3. All the source code is available on GitHub at

This repository includes:

Other Versions and Ports