Arduino Amiga Floppy Disk Reader/Writer aka DrawBridge

Open Source and Free! - by Robert Smith

Using WinUAE

I spent months figuring out enough of how WinUAE works to come up with a universal interface to add physical floppy disk support, now called FloppyBridge.

It's not quite as fast as a native machine, that's just a side effect of emulation vs physical reality especially without causing WinUAE to freeze while disk access happens. This won't work with every disk, but the aim is for it to work with most.

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If you are using HD floppy disks in any way, please read this.

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Download FloppyBridge for WinUAE

To use FloppyBridge in WinUAE you need to install the plugin below. Inside the ZIP file there are two .DLL files.
You need to find your WinUAE folder, find (or create) the Plugins folder, and copy the DLL files there.

DrawBridge Users: Please upgrade to firmware 1.9.24 for best results

By downloading this you agree to the Licence Agreement

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To Download, Click: I Agree to the Above Licence Agreement V1.1 (548K, 13th Feb 2022) (release notes)


Once WinUAE is loaded, all floppy bridge configuration is handled from the Floppy Drives page. On the drop-down for floppy drive type, choose Configure FloppyBridge. The following video shows you this and explains all the options: