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Pre-Built Slimline Drive - Waiting List

I am currently going through a prototyping stage with a custom PCB which would allow me to sell a slimline drive, complete and ready to go.

Based on the price of the drive, availability of parts, prototyping (currently waiting for prototype #2 to arrive), development and building of a custom PCB, assembly and programming, it looks like it will be around £50-£60 GBP + shipping.

Due to the difficulty in bulk-buying slimlime drives I may end up providing the custom PCB with full instructions on how to clip it in, leaving you to source your own drive at a probably better price than I can. They are easy to come by and easy to return if you find it isn't compatible. This would be for a much reduced price, and reduced shipping too, more to follow.

Please join the waiting list only once. For more information, join my discord server.

I don't have prices for shipping yet, and will know more soon. If you are interested please join the waiting list below and I will email you when there are some ready, at which point you can either order or decline.

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