Arduino Amiga Floppy Disk Reader/Writer aka DrawBridge

Open Source and Free! - by Robert Smith

DrawBridge for MiSTer in Development - See More
FloppyBridge - One Year Later!

Featured in Issue 1, 8 & Issue 9 of Amiga Addict. Helped Save the Lemmings,
Shown on Chris Edwards YouTube Channel, and featured on RMC - The Cave:

What's New? V2.8.8 - Support for reading/writing tracks 82 and 83, Linux compile works, Improved WinUAE support, SCP/IPF write support, HD floppy disk support, more improved diagnostics, improved reading/writing, extra features and new UI

New: Join the Waiting List for purchase of a ready-built solution.

My Aim: In 2017, Create a simple, cheap and open source way to recover and rewrite data from and to an Amiga DD floppy disk from within Windows 10.

My Solution: An Arduino sketch + a Windows application that actually works!

Why: To preserve data from these disks for the future. Also, a normal PC can't read/write Amiga disks due to the way they are written.

What would you like to know?

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