Arduino Amiga Floppy Disk Reader/Writer aka DrawBridge

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Just a quick update: Looks like the FTDI chips are just totally unavailable at least until 2023.

I started looking for alternatives. Theres quite a few, and sadly most of the viable alternatives are also out of stock.

I have now found an alternative with stock, but now you can't get the ATMEGA328 chip anywhere.

When I know more I'll let you know. But this is the only reason why the waiting list isn't getting any shorter....

I sell a tiny PCB that fits inside USB slimline floppy drive that you can easily fit yourself (see how) in minutes.

This process is reversible so if you need a normal PC floppy drive back then great, reverse the steps.

These boards are fully compatible with the Arduino IDE (choose Nano, New Bootloader) meaning firmware updates in the future is really easy.

Pre-made PCB
Ready-Built PCB, pictures may vary
Slimline Drive
Fitted neatly inside the drive

Price is £25.00 (GBP) + shipping. Due to availability of parts and time taken to prepare them when I receive them I have a waiting list. When your time comes you will receive an email (from - add so it doesn't get caught as spam!) with a link to purchase it. The link will be valid for ONLY 48 hours!

Please only join the list once. If you miss your turn then you can always re-join the waiting list.

You will NOT receive a confirmation email when you join the list. You can use the waiting list position checker to confirm it. When you finally do receive an email, it will come from . Please make sure this will not be caught in spam!

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